So, our last day has arrived of this most amazing and enlightening trip of a lifetime. The sights, the places, the people, and emotions we have experienced will last a lifetime. And we have one person to thank for this and that is Kosen Hillary. His expertise, knowledge and passion for providing his clients a top tier experience where his top priority is YOU cannot be rivaled. I don't see how any other company can do better. He lives in E. Wenatchee but grew up in Kenya essentially on the back of his father, guiding in the Masai Mara, so his knowledge of the area and its people is unmatched. If you ever have this type of an adventure on your bucket list, your choice is done. If you have any fears of traveling to Africa on a trip like ours, erase them. We have never felt more safe on any trip. He will customize a trip you'll never forget at a price that cannot be matched. On a rating of 1-5, this was an 11! WE ALL CAN'T THANK YOU AND YOUR BOYS ENOUGH!

Erik & Kristen Holmberg

Kosen Safaris lives up to their motto -"We know Africa". We had an outstanding vacation - great organization and wonderful people. You really know what you are doing. Everywhere we stayed could not have been better - hotels and tented camps. For me the visit to the Nkoilale Primary School was a highlight along with so many other things. I will be back

Lester & Carol Cooper

Hi Kosen - what a great trip! East Africa is incredible - I'm still amazed at all the animals we saw. We had a wonderful time and want to commend you on your choice of tent camps and your drivers. All of our camps and lodges were great and your drivers were helpful, had incredible eyesight and spotting ability and were very knowledgeable - they shared information on what we were seeing and we also asked lots of questions and they either had the answers or they looked it up. Nick, has a great sense of humor and is lots of fun. Speaking of a good sense of humor, what a treat to have you as our guide! You really made the trip special. We are already telling our friends about our great experience and will continue to recommend Kosen Safaris.  Thank you for everything

Mall & Tom Boyd

Jambo Kosen, this is our last night on safari. SARA and I want to thank you for an unforgettable trip to Tanzania. And Frank, we can not say enough about him. We saw the Big 5, 84 lions, cheetahs, thousands of zebras, Wildebeests and of course elephants. Lodging is amazing. Well done.

Nancee & Sara

Still pinching ourselves...our safari in Kenya was magical. We are still amazed at the sheer beauty of the Masai Mara and how many animals we saw! Thank you to Kosen Safaris for an exceptional experience!!

Rob & Sarah Keepers

Kosen safaris offers a unique individualized experience. Having had the luxury of previous safaris in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and now Kenya and Tanzania, I can express deep appreciation for his knowledge. His ability to meet the needs of his customers is unsurpassed. Kosen learned safari guiding from his father. His desire to carry on this family tradition of practicing respect and honor of all wildlife is clearly demonstrated in his guide service. Kosen likes to share "the road less traveled" and his experience was clearly evident. He was in his element both in the wild and in the city. African travel is not cheap. Kosen is worth every cent. I will book with him again.

Andy Kunkel

I went to Tanzania with Kosen Safaris last March, and had an exceptional experience. I have been on safari before, to Kenya, and certainly enjoyed it, but with Kosen it was totally different. Kosen Safaris prides itself on a customized experience and lives up to its promise. They will do everything humanly possible to ensure that you are happy - including finding elusive animals! (How do they DO that?!) They made me feel like the most important person in Africa; as if my comfort and contentment were their only priority. And every client felt the same way as I did!??Navigating the visa process, ground transfers, park entrance fees, police road blocks, et cetera is nothing short of daunting. Kosen Safari staffers are experienced and professional at handling all the details, making it seamless. I found our driver/guide to be knowledgeable and educated about the flora and fauna of the area, both is a :"bookish" way, as in higher education, and also in a personal, hands-on way, as in having had loads of personal experience and history with the wildlife.??I came away with lifelong memories, of course - how could you not - but more than that, I came away feeling like I had been treated to a safari designed exclusively and uniquely for ME. Africa has cast its spell on me and I'll be back - but only if Kosen is in the driver's seat!

Lisa Gillette

February of 2014 was the culmination of months of planning to take 16 people to Kenya and Tanzania, all arranged by Kosen Safaris of Wenatchee, Washington, USA, and Nairobi, Kenya. Kosen was amazing in listening to our wishes and needs. This was a humanitarian trip as well as a safari experience. You can imagine that coordinating 16 people is similar to herding cats, but Kosen was awesome. He was patient, caring, and when there were problems he solved them without fuss or concern by his client’s. His guides and staff were excellent, and his being a Masai made all the difference in the quality of our contacts. I cannot recommend Kosen enough as he provided a lifetime experience for all of us.

Judge Thomas Warren

The communications were excellent before, during and after. The trip more than met our expectations with wildlife views and experiences, sleeping lodges, food, guides and educational depth of what we were experiencing. Kosen also added opportunities to bring solar lights to villages and scholarships to girls and boys all of which was topped by meeting the recipients and seeing the grantees. A fantastic, almost magical experience.

James Russell

Traveling with Kosen Safaris is like being some big shot VIP -everything goes right because of careful planning. Every whim is attended to. Every animal you want to see, they'll find. He brought me into the big picture, so I was no longer a tourist, present but separate, but instead I felt part of his exploration team. It was an exceptional experience in every way; logistics, food, accommodations, comfort and safety. I will definitely return to Africa (already planning a Kilimanjaro climb for 2015), and Kosen Safaris will always be my agent.

Lisa Gillette

The trip with you was amazing--words do fail me!

Anita Pisciotte