How can a safari change a life? A cornerstone of Kosen Safaris is the commitment to enrich and uplift the lives of the people and the communities we travel to in East Africa. We believe passionately that travel should respect both the natural environment and the local communities. We have no doubt that conservation and community development is crucial for our long-term success. We strive to improve livelihood in various ways to strengthen communities, safeguard the natural world and create successful conservation economies that lead to sustainable and healthy ecosystem that support people and wildlife.

In furtherance of this goal, Kosen Safaris has worked to establish avenues to ensure that willing guests can make contributions that will directly benefit these communities. We are proud to join our guests in preserving habitats and improving living conditions for the indigenous people in East Africa and the World. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to every opportunity to help them reach their full potential. Based on this belief, we support programs and activities that benefit education at all levels and we work within the framework that ensures a comprehensive area approach where long-term income generating opportunities are being developed for individuals from communities living around these areas we operate.

Our goal is also to be a role model in sustainable tourism as we seek to create lasting and positive impacts on both the natural habitats and the lives of the people in the areas in which we have a presence. Join us on one of our safari and help support communities and education in the Kisiriri and Nkoilale villages near the world famous Masai Mara in southwestern Kenya. You will have the opportunity to visit several homes that have benefited in the past from the Kosen Lights 4 village solar lights program and learn how the lights have help transform the lives of the village one solar panel at a time.

Visit Nkoilale primary school where Kosen safaris is sponsoring the education of 27 girls and 3 boys. We are committed to educating more girls, we know an educated girl is a change maker: An educated girl will: Stay healthy, Save Money, build a business, empower her community, lift her country and change the world! They will be happy to share with you their personal stories and how going to school has changed their lives.