First Class Service

All our safaris include all luxuries and are private. We offer thrilling adventures from Kenya to Tanzania, Uganda to Rwanda. We explore the celebrated game parks of East Africa and the exotic shores of Zanzibar and Lamu. Our family safari has been tested by Kosen Family for three generations and counting, while the sky is the limit with our customized and private safaris. And no matter what safari you choose, you will receive the very best.

Your safety is our highest priority

When you travel we us, we anticipate your safety needs and we carefully plan for contingencies. Whether you are on a camping safari in the Serengeti, visiting a cultural village in Masai Mara , trekking Mt Kilimanjaro or beach combing on the Indian Ocean coast, you are always traveling with a team of trained personnel in the highest standards of safety and security. We focus only on East Africa-Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Our intimate knowledge of these wonderful countries allows us to pass on the benefits directly to our guests.

Making a Difference

How can a safari change a life? A cornerstone of Kosen Safaris is the commitment to enrich and uplift the lives of the people and the communities we travel to in East Africa. We believe passionately that travel should respect both the natural environment and the locals. In furtherance of this goal, Kosen Safaris has worked to establish avenues to ensure that willing guests can make contributions that will directly benefit these communities. We make sure the on site projects we sponsor benefit the indigenous people and the environment. We are proud to join our guests in preserving habitats and improving living conditions for these, indigenous people in East Africa and the World

Small Groups, Real Experience

We think the smaller the group the better the experience. And in keeping with our commitment to personalized service and exclusive arrangements every of our programs are small and intimate. That is why we limit the numbers of guests to 8 or 14 due to limited capacity in our luxury camps and lodges. Travelling in such a small group is a bit like travelling with a group of friends-you just haven't met them yet.

Comfortable Safari Vehicle

While on safari most of the days are spend on the trail looking for game. The quality of your vehicle is of utmost importance, we provide our quest with the finest top of the line 4*4 vehicles plenty of room, soft seats and headrest and good suspensions that make the ride across the Savannahs more comfortable. Additionally our vehicles are outfitted with ice chest stocked with bottled water and soft drinks for your refreshment. We also have binocular sand Birds and Animal field guide for easy reference.

Flying Doctor Services

When you travel to East Africa with us, you are assured of the services of the flying Doctors, a group of well qualified physician who travel by aircraft throughout the east Africa savannahs providing treatment and emergency transportation. The flying doctors services operates seven days a week, generally 24 hours. This piece of mind is included on all our safari programs.

Responsible Travel

We at Kosen safaris are committed to a style of travel that is environmentally, culturally and socially responsible- we call this responsible travel. By travelling this way means you will contribute more directly to the local economies and have more opportunity to meet the locals. Remember to leave only your footprints. Let us travel responsibly.

Expert Safari Guides

Behind every great kosen safari is a great safari Escort. Their enthusiasm, versatility and knowledge of the local culture and wildlife are second to none. In most cases they are taking you around their own town. They are chosen for their absolute or sometime lifelong dedication to understanding those wonders that make East Africa unique. In Nairobi and Arusha your Kosen team includes a private concierge available 24/7 available in person or a convenient phone call away.

Guaranteed Departure

Every of our programs are guarantee to depart as schedule regardless of group size. Once your departure date is confirmed and we have received your deposit, you can be rest assured that your safari will take place. We pride ourselves on making and keeping this promise to our guests.

Walking Safaris

Experience the most enriching and unique sights, smells and sounds of Africa unconstrained by a safari jeep. Accompanied by an expert naturalist, learn first- hand to recognize the different animal prints, see and touch different plants. Some plants and their roots have medicinal values which the local communities have used for many generations to treat different illness.